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Hi Everyone !
I’m Brandi and I’m the creator of The Fidget Game!
I have had the great fortune to teach students all over the world. First in Canada then in rural Thailand. From there I spent years in Vietnam before teaching students in Indonesia then Bahrain and the United States.
After teaching for 7 years in 6 different countries and teaching all different grade levels from Pre-K to grade 3, I noticed one common theme every year. Parents were 😩STRESSED 😩 trying to teach their kids to read at home.

 I really didn’t understand why because at school their children were learning to read and enjoying it! I then realized 🤨 parents aren’t trained teachers, they don’t just whip up fun, engaging lessons for their children at home every night after they juggle all the hundred other duties parents have. 🤯Then during the pandemic I saw the desperation from parents… stressed their kids are behind, stressed they aren’t doing enough, stressed they aren’t being enough. 

I am now determined to create curriculum aligned educational games that make learning stress free at home and in classrooms! Our multi sensory approach to learning leads to greater memory retention, accuracy in recall , and memory retrieval. These games allow children to retain information at a higher level and learn with more confidence.

“Thanks for all the support!“
All my love
Brandi 👩🏼‍🏫

Our Mission

We strongly believe that education is a fundamental human right and we are on a mission to make learning literacy and math skills accessible to all. We donate 1$ from every game purchased to our Fidget Forward program where we donate our educational games to classrooms and school districts in need. If you would like to donate a game click here We are currently working with over 100 schools who are in need of learning resources. If you are a teacher or parent in need of educational resources please click here and send us your information to be a part of our program.

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