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In the world of 'Shark Tank,' where dreams take flight, Brandi Dugal shines a spotlight on education for young minds in Season 15, Episode 7. Renowned for propelling businesses and entrepreneurial ventures, the ABC reality television series spotlights The Fidget Game—a unique creation by Brandi Dugal.  

Designed for kids ranging from pre-K to six grade, The Fidget Game employs multisensory techniques to make spelling and reading an enjoyable learning experience. The gameplay is simple: players receive a bubbled fidget mat and a set of grade-level cards. They choose a card, read the word, and roll the die. The number on the die determines how many bubbles the player can pop. The first player to pop all their bubbles wins. With over 200 commonly used words, the game helps kids develop essential pronunciation and spelling skills in a fun and engaging way. 



As fans eagerly explore the effects of this invention, curiosity mounts regarding the founder and the brand's journey since its debut on 'Shark Tank.' Let's delve into the story behind Brandi Dugal and The Fidget Game, uncovering the transformative impact they've had on the world of education. 

The Fidget Game Founder’s Journey 

The mastermind behind The Fidget Game is no stranger to the world of education. Armed with a master's degree in education from the University of Windsor, Brandi Dugal's passion for teaching has transcended borders. Over a span of six years, she shared her expertise in classrooms across Indonesia, Canada, Thailand, Vietnam, Bahrain, and the United States, catering to students from pre-K to sixth grade. 




She believed that asking the right questions and setting a strong foundation could make a big difference in a child's learning journey. In her six years of teaching, she noticed a common worry among parents and children: learning how to read without difficulty. 

When Brandi walked into a classroom where 95% of her students were reading below their grade level. This inspired her to take action. Instead of using traditional methods, she worked hard to create a product that would make reading easier for kids. Not only did she dive deep into the problem at hand, but she also took long hours researching and collating strategies. Finally, she managed to create a product vetted by the science of reading that would help children become better readers. 

The success of her prototype quickly became evident, and most of her students started reading at or above their grade level. This success motivated Brandi to do more. She joined forces with teachers and reading experts to create educational games that fit the school curriculum. The result was The Fidget Game—a fun way for kids to learn. Brandi initiated a higher-level approach, ensuring that learning became a joyful experience through the effective medium of games. 

How Did the Shark Tank Pitch for The Fidget Game Go? 

Upon entering the Shark Tank, Brandi delivered an impressive presentation, seeking $500k for a 10% equity stake at a $5 million valuation. With a business age of 13 months, The Fidget Game has achieved notable success, accumulating a total of $3.2 million in sales. 

The distribution channels reveal that 85% of product sales originate from Amazon, while the official website contributes the remaining 15%. Within a swift six months, "The Fidget Game" secured the top spot in the reading game category on Amazon. 

Barbara Corcoran expressed keen interest in investing, interrupting Brandi to propose a $500k investment for a 20% equity stake. In the ensuing negotiation, Brandi counter-offered with a 15% equity stake, and Barbara readily agreed. The offers from the other sharks were not given because Barbara quickly jumped in so nobody else had a chance to make an offer.   




Barbara Corcoran 

$200k for 20% equity 

Kevin O’Leary 

No Offer 

Mark Cuban 

No Offer 

Daymond John 

No Offer 

Lori Greiner 

No Offer 

Final Deal 

$200k for 15% equity 


Where does the Fidget Game stand now?  

Since its beginning, The Fidget Game, led by its creator and founder Brandi Dugal, has been expanding its reach with a clear social mission. Not content with only reaching customers in the United States, The Fidget Game has made its products accessible worldwide. To date, these educational games have been introduced into over 50,000 schools. Going beyond mere sales, the company has also donated its games to schools and districts in need, driven by a belief that education is a basic human right that should be available to everyone. 

Recognizing the effectiveness of multi-sensory tools and game-based learning for young learners, The Fidget Game aims to make literacy and math skills easily attainable. By incorporating these methods, learning becomes not only more enjoyable but also more effective, allowing children to learn faster and retain knowledge better. Additionally, the brand collaborates with schools to develop educational resources, further enhancing their impact on learning outcomes. 

Among the products offered on our website, the Shark Tank Best Sellers Bundle and Shark Tank Kindergarten Bundle have garnered significant attention from consumers. These bundles give customers a 20% discount on the products. Other popular items in The Fidget Game's lineup include Word Pop, priced at $29.99, and The Fidget Game: Sight Word Edition, priced at $29.99, both of which have received praise from numerous customers. 

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