This Game Teaches Kids to Read in Weeks!

The Fidget Game: Sight Word Edition

$29.99 $35.99 You save $6.00 (16% OFF)

The Fidget Game: Sight Word Edition

$29.99 $35.99 You save $6.00 (16% OFF)

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1. Master the most common words for their grade level! 
2. Can differentiate between words they can and cannot sound out! 
3. Improved reading confidence! 
4. Can read age-appropriate texts!
5. Increased fluency and comprehension skills!
6. Connects reading with fun and game-play! 

Aligned with Science of Reading! 

MAKES LEARNING FUN AND EXCITING  When learning is fun, kids spend hours playing educational games instead of mindlessly staring at electronic devices.

READERS ARE LEADERS! It’s well-known by teachers that the best readers become leaders in the classroom because reading builds confidence. Help your child become a future leader today!

BACKED BY RESEARCH! The Fidget game follows the Science of Reading (SoR). Our game uses the Heart Word Method and teaches children how to read decodable words (words that can be sounded out) and non-decodable words (heart words- the words they need to know by heart).

BENEFICIAL TO CHILDREN WITH DYSLEXIA Learning to decode sight words is helpful to children with dyslexia and other learning difficulties.

GREAT FOR ALL YOUNG READERS The Fidget game consists of 220 sight words broken down into grade levels from Pre-K to Grade 3, following the US common core standards.

Recommended levels: Pre-K to Grade 3

What’s included in the kit:
  • 5 packets of sight words broken down per grade level (total of 220 words).
  • (Pre–Kindergarten - 40 words, Kindergarten - 52 words, 1st grade - 41 words, 2nd grade - 46 words, 3rd grade - 41 words)
  • 1 x Dice 4 x Fidget Game Mats   
  • 1 x Instructions and Learning Guide

    So.. How Does It Work?

    Game-Based Learning

    Playing games while learning is shown to increase knowledge and understanding in children by 25%...and it's FUN!

    Multisensory Approach

    Engaging multiple senses for a child leads to greater memory retention, higher accuracy in recall and memory retrieval.

    Scientifically Proven

    Scientific research has proven that The Fidget Game helps children become better and more confident readers.

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    Customer Reviews

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    Jessica T
    It's a HIT!

    My 1st and 3rd grader love the Fidget Game. We've played a couple of times and so far it's been great.

    Lindsay C.
    Teacher Approved!

    I am a formal teacher of 13 years and this game is wonderful! My kids are literally begging me to play it all the time. We bring it to restaurants so they are entertained. It’s highly motivating and the best part is the kids are having fun while learning!


    My Kindergarten students love playing this game!


    Kids love it.

    Not as advanced

    I purchased this Fidget Game for my daughter. But when we opened it then fudged popper didn’t have any words on it. It was blank. Was mine defective ?

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