Word Pop!
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EXPECTED RESULTS AFTER 30 DAYS: 1. Learns letter sound blending!2. Masters 50 common words! 3. Can read simple sentences!4. Ready to learn multisyllabic words and sight words! (Ready to purchase The Fidget Game: Sight Words! )ALIGNED WITH SCIENCE OF READING! The science of reading is the converging evidence of what matters and works in literacy instruction. It focuses on the best practices to teach children how to read that are backed by scientific research. TEACHES PHONICS! Research shows that phonics instruction produces significant benefits for children, including phonemic awareness, word recognition, print exposure, improved reading comprehension, and learning to read faster than other methods. BENEFICIAL TO CHILDREN WITH DYSLEXIA Research shows overwhelmingly that systematic phonics is the most effective way of teaching reading to children of all abilities, including dyslexia. GREAT FOR ALL YOUNG READERS The Fidget game: Word Pop! consists of 50 CVC words. These are the first words students should learn to read as their simple pattern consonant-vowel-consonant makes it easier for children to transform individual sounds into short, simple, familiar words. Recommended levels: Pre-K- Grade 1 What’s included in the kit: 50 CVC word cards 4  Fidget Toy Mats ( with CVC words)   1 x Instructions and Learning Guide
The Fidget Game: Sight Word Edition
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EXPECTED RESULTS AFTER 30 DAYS: 1. Master the most common words for their grade level! 2. Can differentiate between words they can and cannot sound out! 3. Improved reading confidence! 4. Can read age-appropriate texts!5. Increased fluency and comprehension skills!6. Connects reading with fun and game-play! Aligned with Science of Reading!  MAKES LEARNING FUN AND EXCITING  When learning is fun, kids spend hours playing educational games instead of mindlessly staring at electronic devices. READERS ARE LEADERS! It’s well-known by teachers that the best readers become leaders in the classroom because reading builds confidence. Help your child become a future leader today! BACKED BY RESEARCH! The Fidget game follows the Science of Reading (SoR). Our game uses the Heart Word Method and teaches children how to read decodable words (words that can be sounded out) and non-decodable words (heart words- the words they need to know by heart). BENEFICIAL TO CHILDREN WITH DYSLEXIA Learning to decode sight words is helpful to children with dyslexia and other learning difficulties. GREAT FOR ALL YOUNG READERS The Fidget game consists of 220 sight words broken down into grade levels from Pre-K to Grade 3, following the US common core standards. Recommended levels: Pre-K to Grade 3 What’s included in the kit: 5 packets of sight words broken down per grade level (total of 220 words). (Pre–Kindergarten - 40 words, Kindergarten - 52 words, 1st grade - 41 words, 2nd grade - 46 words, 3rd grade - 41 words) 1 x Dice 4 x Fidget Game Mats    1 x Instructions and Learning Guide

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The Fidget Game

Learning Through Play: The Ultimate Guide to the Fidget Game

For parents seeking fun and effective ways to nurture their child's literacy skills, The Fidget Game collection offers a captivating blend of playful engagement and educational value. There are two exciting options, Sight Word Edition and Word Pop, each designed to transform learning into a fun-filled experience.  

For preschoolers, the Fidget Game Word Pop makes learning CVC words a blast. By popping colorful letters and hearing playful sounds, young minds grasp the connection between sounds and letters, building a strong foundation for reading and writing. It's not just a fidget pop, it's a learning pop! 

"My daughter has so much fun popping the letters in Word Pop, she doesn't even realize she's learning!" - John Lee, Dad of one  

For kindergarteners, the Fidget Game Sight Word Edition empowers them to master high-frequency words effortlessly. With multiple grade-level sets and engaging gameplay, children playfully pop letter bubbles, solidifying their understanding of essential sight words and paving the way for confident reading fluency. It's a fidget game with a sight word twist! 

"My son struggles with memorizing sight words, but the Fidget Game made it so much easier and enjoyable. He loves the popping sounds and the colorful letters!" - Sarah Miller, Mom of two 

The Fidget Game collection goes beyond mere letters and word recognition. By incorporating multisensory elements like popping, vibrant colors, and engaging sounds, it caters to diverse learning styles, ensuring every child can thrive. This playful approach fosters a positive association with learning, setting the stage for a lifelong love of literacy. 

While the fidget element adds fun, the Fidget Game collection is more than just a fidget pack. It's a gateway to early literacy skills, making learning feel like a joyful adventure. 

So, ditch the flashcards and embrace the bubble revolution! Whether your child is a budding reader or a phonics explorer, the Fidget Game collection offers a unique and engaging way to learn.  

Browse our website to explore the Word Pop and Sight Word Edition in detail! 

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