Unlock Your Child's Reading Potential: 

5 Expert Tips to Get Started Today!

Welcome to our expert guide on teaching your child how to read! 

At The Fidget Game, we understand the importance of early literacy and want to equip parents, grandparents, and teachers with the tools they need to foster a love of reading in children. 

Whether your child is just beginning their reading journey or needs a little extra support, these tips will set them on the path to success.

1. Create a Reading Routine

Establish a consistent reading routine by setting aside dedicated time each day to read with your child. Choose a cozy spot, free from distractions, and make reading a special bonding experience. Incorporate fun activities like acting out stories or discussing characters to keep your child engaged.

2. Make it Multisensory

Engage all of your child's senses during reading time to enhance their learning experience. Use props, gestures, and even music to bring stories to life. Encourage your child to trace letters with their fingers or listen to audiobooks while following along with the text.

3. Focus of Phonics

Teach your child the building blocks of reading by emphasizing phonics. Break down words into individual sounds and practice blending them together. Use games and activities that reinforce phonetic skills, such as rhyming games or word families.

4. Explore Sight Words

Introduce common sight words that appear frequently in written text. Create flashcards or play games to help your child recognize these words on sight, which will improve their reading fluency. Incorporate sight words into everyday activities like scavenger hunts or bedtime stories.

5. Encourage Curiosity

Foster a love of learning by encouraging your child to ask questions and explore new topics. Provide a variety of reading materials, including books, magazines, and online resources, to satisfy their curiosity. Celebrate their progress and offer praise to build confidence and motivation.

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