What is the Fidget Game?

The Fidget Game is an interactive learning experience that combines cards, a rolling dice, fidget mats, and an instructions manual to create a fun way for kids to learn how to read.

Unlike plain sight words, the game encourages kids to have fun while learning, a process that involves the elements of touch, sight, and hearing in an exciting game.

Children are actively engaged reading cards aloud, rolling dice, and popping fidget mats, all while enjoying the learning process.

The Fidget Game in detail

Engaging and educational

Game-based approach to learning

Curriculum aligned

For all different ability levels

Backed by research and science

Improves confidence

The Fidget Game embeds the science of reading and the art of teaching into its toys.

Multisensory Learning Approach

Incorporates tactile, visual, and auditory elements into its toys, catering to diverse learning styles and enhancing comprehension.

Reading Comprehension Strategies

Encourages critical thinking and comprehension through storytelling, inference and summarization activities embedded within its toys.

Progress Monitoring Tools

Progress tracking features to keep track of reading milestones and targeted support as needed, ensuring continuous growth and development.

Phonics Integration

Integrate phonics principles, helping kids develop strong foundational reading skills by connecting sounds with letters and letter combinations.

Sight Word Reinforcement

Reinforces sight word recognition, facilitating instant word recognition and improving reading fluency through interactive play.

Vocabulary Expansion

Features activities that promote vocabulary development, introducing children to new words and concepts in a fun and engaging manner.

The Fidget Game That’s Right for Your Child

Pre-K to Kindergarten

Word Pop!

Sight Words

Unicorns VS Dragons

ABC Bingo

Sneaky Elves

Saving Wabi-Sabi


Grades 1 to 3

The Fidget Game: Sight Words

Word Pop!


Grades 4 to 6

The Reading Game

Vocabulary Words


What parents, teachers, and therapists are saying about The Fidget Game


Mom of twin toddlers

Best. Game. Ever! I have two daughters, one whom has Dyslexia and the other who is a beginning reader. I love that they can each play the same game with their own pile of cards at each of their grade levels.


Kindergarten teacher

My entire class loves our Fidget Game time and have shown so much improvement in their reading, vocabulary, and comprehension skills. I have never had so much fun teaching kids to read until now.


Professional therapist

The interactive and sensory-rich nature of these toys not only helps to regulate their emotions but also fosters a sense of calm and concentration, allowing for more productive and meaningful therapeutic interactions.

Empower your kids to read today so they may lead tomorrow.

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