The Fidget Game’s Science-Driven Products Work! Their 10,000+ 5-Star Reviews Prove It!

If your child is having a hard time reading, this reading game is a must. Here's Why.

Note: After reading, you’ll probably never go another day without giving your child this...

If your child is facing challenges in the realm of reading, you're likely on a quest to find effective solutions. One product that claims to hold the key to overcoming reading difficulties is "The Fidget Game." Boasting science-driven products and an impressive tally of 10,000+ 5-star reviews, it promises to be a game-changer in fostering literacy skills. In this article, we delve into the reasons behind the acclaim and explore whether The Fidget Game truly lives up to its promises.

The Science Behind The Fidget Game:

Approximately 130 million Americans struggle with reading below what is considered an adequate sixth-grade level, as indicated by the U.S. Department of Education. While the specific terminology may vary, the persistent challenges in literacy are evident.

At the heart of The Fidget Game's approach is a commitment to scientific principles. According to Brandi the creator and founder of The Fidget Game, her products are grounded in research that aligns with proven methods for enhancing reading abilities. Understanding the science behind The Fidget Game provides insight into the intentional design choices aimed at addressing reading challenges. It emphasizes the application of established scientific principles to create an engaging and effective tool for children struggling with reading difficulties. Parents interested in evidence-based interventions for their children's literacy development may find this scientific foundation reassuring when considering The Fidget Game as a potential solution.

Who would’ve thought a reading game would get hailed as a ‘life-changer’ for parents in 2023?

The Fidget Game rocketed onto the market in 2021 and immediately started making waves on social media, in the news, and on TV programs such as Shark Tank. Now, it’s one of the highest-rated reading game companies, with over 10,000 5-star reviews!

Below are some of the game-changing benefits of The Fidget Game that make it an absolute no-brainer for parents.

Multi-Sensory Learning:

This increases word retention and comprehension by up to 90%. This is also great for children with all different ability levels such as ADHD, Autism, and Dyslexia.  

Game-Based Learning:

This removes the stress completely from children when they are learning how to read and it increases engagement by up to 100%.

Aligned with The Science of Reading:

Latest research on how children acquire a new language and learn how to read. The Science of Reading inspired the creator to develop The Fidget Game. Within 6 months of playing with students, 95% were reading at or above grade level.  The Fidget Game is an approved learning resource in dozens of states and is now in over 50,000 schools, aiding children to learn how to read.

Your child will thank you after just a few weeks of playing The Fidget Game, just like Ricky


Ricky isn’t alone. Kathrine, a Pre-K student belonging to a close friend of mine, also had similar problems as Ricky. But after a few weeks of playing The Fidget Game: Sight Words Edition, she was a different kid and was able to enjoy reading again. Put simply…...

The Fidget Game has been a massive hit in the world of parents and teachers and has changed the lives of countless children globally.

In light of these incredible results, it's important to note that this reading game isn't a magic pill to help with serious reading problems. If this is the case for your kids, then it's likely they need professional help.

That said, if you're looking to create an ideal stress-free learning environment and support the learning experience of your kids, this reading game is a MUST.

Thousands of parents and teachers love this reading game


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