Grade 1 & 2 Bundle

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Grade 1 & 2 Bundle

$44.44 $60.00 You save $15.56 (25% OFF)

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1. Master the most common words for their grade level! 
2. Can differentiate between words they can and cannot sound out! 
3. Improved reading confidence! 
4. Can read age-appropriate texts!
5. Increased fluency and comprehension skills!
6. Connects reading with fun and game-play! 

7. Master Telling Time!
8. Learn addition and subtraction (facts to 20)

A bundle to learn all grade level skills for Grade 1 & 2 Students! 

Bundle Includes:

1) The Fidget Game: Sight Words

  • 5 packets of sight words broken down per grade level (total of 220 words).

  • Pre–Kindergarten - 40 words, Kindergarten - 52 words, 1st grade - 41 words, 2nd grade - 46 words, 3rd grade - 41 words.

  • 1 x Dice 4 x Fidget Game Mats   

  • 1 x Instructions and Learning Guide

2) Telling time Cards 

  • Set includes 55  game cards ( 50 analog clock cards, 2 unicorn cards, 2 gremlin cards, 1 instruction card).
  • Learn and practice telling time ( hour, half- hour, quarter hour and 10 and 5 min intervals). 
  • Big, bold, bright numbers are easy to read and focus on.
  • Develop speed, accuracy, and confidence

3)  Addition & Subtraction Cards

  • Set includes 91 game cards ( 40 subtraction cards, 40 addition cards, 4 unicorn cards, 4 gremlin cards, 2 answer cards, and 1 instruction card).

  • Learn and practice addition and subtraction facts up to 20.

  • Big, bold, bright numbers are easy to read and focus on.

  • Develop speed, accuracy, and confidence.

Customer Reviews

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My students them

Grade 1/2 Bundle INCREDIBLE

My Daughter in grade 1 is learning all her grade level skills so fast and is the one who always asks to play! Great games!


I'm not sure how much its helping yet since we just got it a few days ago. But i will say that our 3 kids 4-7 love playing it. It doesn't make it feel like such a chore for them to play. They want to know the words now so they can win the game. We sound out the words to help them if they need it. Instead of memorizing so it will help them continue learning words by sound. And not just memory of looking at one word. Would recommend. :)

Robin M
Tutoring with the game

I bought this to use in tutoring a first grader with ADHD. She absolutely loved it! She spent an entire hour playing it!! She didn’t care if it was the sight words or math problems. She wanted to take the game home or to extend the tutoring session. I’m thrilled that she loves it so much and am looking forward to using it with her and my title reading classes.


So fun and really encourages learning!

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